Climate Conscious

We all know that things needs to change, starting with better choices that together, can have a big collective impact. We want to ensure that we are acting responsibly and ensure that the trace we leave as a brand is as small as possible.

1. Conscious Practices

We will continue to identify areas in our business operations that can significantly reduce our carbon emissions.

2. Reduce

We track all of our emissions from every area of the business. Every 6 months we will receive a report that shows us where we are using the most and what we can do better. We use this data to set ourselves reduction targets over the next 6-12 months and will share our targets and progress with you.

3. Offset

Whilst we will focus on our practices to reduce, carbon emission are unfortunately inevitable. We are currently a carbon net neutral brand and will offset our emissions every 6 months by investing in programs that remove CO2 from the atmosphere. This includes everything from product manufacture, our transport and even the delivery of the products you buy from this site.

We are focusing our efforts on projects that are leading in innovation for more sustainable energy solutions, reducing the amount of CO2 entering the atmosphere.